Sunday, 9 October 2011

Child Brain Development 2

Brain growth process is very complex and through several stages, namely the addition of nerve cells (proliferation), displacement of nerve cells (Migration), changes in nerve cells (differentiation), the formation of nerve braided one another (si-naps), and the formation of nerve sheath (Myelination).
1. Proliferation
At first, the shape of nerve cells (neurons) are still simple. Then, division so that a lot of experience. This is called process increase (proliferation) of nerve cells. The process is ongoing proliferation at around 4-24 weeks of gestation. The process of nerve cell proliferation finished / stopped at the time the baby is born.
2. Migration
After the process of proliferation, cell migration or the nerve will experience move into their places. Some occupy the front area, rear, side, and the top of the brain. When the displacement occurs vary according to programs that have been shaped by genetic and natural.
Having reached the “home” respectively, and nerve cells developed. Each “house” has its own growth curve. Accelerating growth is also different. No wonder if the ability each child’s brain also differ.
Actual migration process took place since 16 weeks gestation until the end of the 6th month. This migration process occur in waves. This means that nerve cells that migrate more early will occupy the inner layer and the subsequent migration occupy the outer layer (cerebral cortex).
3. Differentiation
At the end of the 6th month of pregnancy, the cortical plate already has components complete nerve cells. Along with that also already looked there differentiation. That is a change of form, composition and function of nerve cells into six layers as in adults.
Nerve cells are then transformed into neuronal cells which ramify and also changed to supporting cells (glial cells). Tues support this growing many after the nerve cells become mature and large. The function of glial cells also regulate the daily lives of individuals.
4. Synapse
Furthermore, the formation of nerve interwoven with each other (Synapses). After undergoing mielinisasi (sheath maturation process nerve), the synapse grows.
5. Mielinisasi
The process of maturation of the nerve sheath (myelin) called mielinisasi still continues to grow. This process occurs mainly a few moments before pregnancy.
Maturation of nerve sheath reaches its peak when one year old baby. After the baby is born occurred fiber growth  nerve. Then, an increase in the number of glial cells, and outstanding mielinisasi process.
All of these processes, in addition to take place naturally, also influenced by stimulation and nutrition. Well, here’s where the important role of parents in prenatal period (pregnancy) and pascanatal (after birth) in infant’s brain development.
Therefore, if the mother or father wants the have a qualified small brain, it is necessary to understand the stages infant’s brain development even though only marginally.
Preparation for children have brains that quality must begin before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after birth until the process of brain development  was finished.

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